Haunted Lake District

What makes the perfect Halloween Trip?

Mythical creatures?
Stunning scenery?
Uncovered history?

Well, luckily for you, the Lake District has all of this and more! With its stunning and mysterious scenery, from dense forests to hidden lakes, the Lake District is the perfect place for a Halloween getaway – packed with a rich history and spooky stories for you to uncover as you explore. Whether you want to meander through abandoned buildings, find out about the more gruesome side of history, or even encounter a few (mostly) friendly ghosts – there’s something for thrill-seekers of all ages to enjoy!

Things to do at Halloween in the Lake District:

1) Visit Windermere Haunted House

In the Lake District, you hear plenty of stories about haunted houses and the ghosts that may inhibit them. One of the most famous is Calgarth Hall. Calgarth Hall is a beautiful yet abandoned 16th-century manor house, infamously owned by Kraster Cook and his beloved wife Dorothy. The couple refused to sell their home to the local justice of peace and as a result, he accused them of theft and condemned them to death. Before she died, Dorothy allegedly cursed the judge, promising that their screaming skulls would haunt the hall night and day. According to legend, the ghosts of Kraster and Dorothy still roam the halls today and aren’t afraid to have their voices heard by passing guests or those brave enough to enter the manor itself.

2) Say hello the ghosts at Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle was built in 1208, so it is no surprise that the historic castle walls have a lot of secrets buried within them. Whilst Muncaster Castle is the perfect historical day out year-round, there is no better time to visit than Halloween!

In fact, a visit to Muncaster during the spooky season may allow you to come into contact with some ghosts who’ve taken up residence at the castle for hundreds of years… From Tom Fool, a powerful but friendly force who is said to play tricks on family, staff and visitors, to the ghost of a little girl, Margaret Pennington, who died in childhood at the castle itself, alongside a few of their ghostly friends. The braver guests may want to visit the Tapestry Room, where guests have reported sleepless nights, the sound of footsteps and distant singing, and the door handle turning round with nobody entering the room. Be sure to take plenty of pictures during your visit, who knows what (or who) you could catch on camera!

The castle also hosts family-friendly events, such as The Muncaster Monster Cabaret, The Ghostly Grotto and a haunted maze – meaning that a day at Muncaster Castle is fun for the whole family! You can even get matching face paints and turn up in costume!

3) Head on a Lake District Ghost Tour

Fancy exploring more of the Lake District? Want to learn more about the dark history associated with the area you are visiting? Well, a ghost tour may be the perfect addition to your trip! From stories of terrible murders, secret affairs and wandering ghosts looking for revenge – a nighttime ghost tour is sure to leave your hairs standing on end. If you’re brave enough, you might even get the chance to summon one of the roaming ghosts.

4) Go searching for the Lake District fairies

Halloween fun does not always have to mean ghosts! In fact, there are plenty of stories of much friendlier Lake District residents for you to search for during your trip, such as the Lake District fairies. In fact, Lake district folklore tales have reported sightings of fairies since the 5th century, making it the perfect day out for children with great imagination and a love of all things magic.

So, whether you walk through a beautiful Glenn in search for a fairy friend, follow a fairy friendly trail at Brockhole, or visit one of the castles they have been known to frequent, such as Lowther Castle – you may make a new friend during your visit! Remember, the only way a fairy will reveal themselves to you is if you truly believe! Help make magical memories for your little ones by going fairy hunting!

5) Take a dip in Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is the perfect day out for the whole family, whether you want to take in the views, enjoy a countryside walk or even take to the waters on a boat trip, you’re sure to find something to do by Lake Windermere. You may even come across some haunted sights during your visit. In fact, one of the most common sightings in the area is The White Horse of Windermere, who gallops across the water’s edge to alert those around them of oncoming dangers.

If you’re lucky, you may also spot the Bownessie, a rarely-sighted creature, similar to the Loch Ness Monster in that it is elusive and large in size. In fact, the creature is described as being the size of three or four cars. The Bownessie, sometimes known affectionately as Winnie, has been sighted less than 10 times throughout history – but who knows, maybe she will pop up to say hello! Be sure to have your cameras at the ready!

6) Learn more about the story of King Arthur

You’ve probably already heard about the legends of King Arthur and the round table. However, did you know that lots of the stories we hear took place in or around the Lake District? So, those with a keen interest in history and mythology will love exploring the area, whether you venture into Carlisle for the day to visit the Round Table or search for the famous Excalibur sword in Ullswater. That’s right, according to Legend, upon his deathbed, Arthur ordered for his famous sword to be thrown into a nearby lake. Whilst numerous Lakes claim to be the final resting place of this allegedly magical sword, it is widely believed that it lies at the bottom of Ullswater lake.

While you enjoy a trip to Ullswater during Halloween, be sure to also check out their spooky Halloween cruises!?

In short, there are plenty of sights to explore in the Lake District during the Halloween season. Whether you are hoping to make new ghostly friends, or learn more about the history, you are sure to make great memories with an autumn visit the Lake District. Remember to wrap up warm!

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