Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

At The Swan Hotel, we are committed to integrating sustainable practices across all aspects of our operations. We aim to set a market-leading standard of environmental stewardship and responsible business practices within the hospitality industry. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, we strive to minimize our environmental impact while enhancing the guest experience and supporting our local community.

The Swan Hotel is committed to providing an informal luxury resort which provides a sustainable UK alternative holiday/break to UK customers to help reduce their carbon footprints. We’re also keen to ensure our guests are aware that they can support us on this journey, and we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for them to do so. These can be viewed here.

Our Commitments

Food and Beverage

– Sourcing:
The Swan Hotel sources fresh, seasonal ingredients from local, sustainable, suppliers wherever possible. We prioritise suppliers accredited for their commitment to environmental and ethical standards. For instance, our meat is predominantly sourced from UK-based accredited suppliers, and all our fish is sourced from sustainable fisheries in The British Isles. Our coffee is ‘CSC certified’ and Fairtrade, ensuring ethical sourcing and high-quality standards.

– Menus:
The dishes within our menus celebrate the local area. Our restaurants feature multiple Vegan options, showcasing our commitment to offering diverse and sustainable dining options.

–  Chef’s Garden Initiative:

At The Swan Hotel, we are excited to announce the introduction of our chef’s garden initiative. This initiative underscores our commitment to sustainability by cultivating a variety of fresh, organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables on-site. The chef’s garden will supply our restaurants with seasonal ingredients that are locally grown, reducing food miles and ensuring the highest quality and freshness in every dish. This initiative not only enhances the culinary experience for our guests but also promotes sustainable practices in food sourcing and supports local agriculture.

– Beekeeping Initiative:

In addition to our chef’s garden, The Swan Hotel is reintroducing beekeeping as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship. Beekeeping plays a crucial role in pollinator conservation and ecosystem health, contributing to the sustainability of local flora and agriculture. By maintaining beehives on our grounds, we aim to support biodiversity and enhance the natural environment surrounding our hotel. This initiative reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsible practices that benefit both our community and the environment at large.

Guest Accommodation

– Environmental Opt-In: Clean and Green Refresh:

This program offers guests the choice to participate in our Clean and Green Refresh option, promoting sustainability while ensuring your comfort. By opting in, you contribute to reducing energy and water consumption associated with daily room servicing, all while enjoying a refreshing stay at The Swan Hotel.


– Electric and Hybrid Vehicles:
We encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles for hotel transfers and provide electric vehicle charging facilities for our guests, promoting sustainable transportation options. As demand for electric vehicle charging increases the hotel is committed to increasing the number of charges on site.

Equipment and Waste Management

– Under the WEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)** disused or dilapidated equipment capable of being recycled is responsibly disposed of by registered waste contractors, adhering to WEEE regulations. Waste Contractors are selected based on their recycling and environmentally friendly disposal capability.

Building and Energy Efficiency

– Insulation and Energy Management:

Our buildings undergo regular thermal testing to monitor energy efficiency. The Hotel has an energy Rating of B. We employ double-glazed windows where permitted and utilise an energy management system to optimise heating and hot water usage. The Hotel has an appointed energy management company who is monitoring energy usage within the hotel with a commitment to reduce energy usage by 15% over the next two years.

The recent hotel extension was developed and completed achieving a BREEAM Very Good standard.

– Green Energy Procurement:

The Swan Hotel endeavours to procure all electricity from renewable sources, contributing to our commitment to sustainable energy practices. The Swan is undertaking a long-term program of introducing on site renewable energy generation through the installation of roof-mounted solar PV.

– Water Conservation:

We have installed water-saving measures such as low-flow showerheads, pressure-reducing systems, and water pressure reducers in all recently refurbished rooms to minimise water wastage. Water quality is regularly monitored to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Waste Management and Recycling

– Recycling Initiatives:

The Swan Hotel implements comprehensive recycling programs for paper, cardboard, glass and plastics, The hotel is targeting to increase recycling rates and significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics. For example, the hotel is replacing single-use plastic in-room products with refillable multi-use products.

Pollution Control

– Air and Drainage:

To mitigate pollution, vehicles are prohibited from idling while delivering to the hotel premises.

Our kitchen operations include the use of grease traps and a proactive maintenance program to ensure effective drainage management.

The Hotel pools in the thermal suit all adopt the latest filtration systems reducing chlorine consumption by up to 90%.

The hotel has invested over £300,000 in a new sewage treatment plant to ensure pollution is mitigated into the main water courses.

The hotel has successfully implemented and completed a Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SDS) for the hotel reducing the flow of surface water at peak times into nearby water courses.

Community Engagement and Compliance

– Local Community Support:

We are dedicated to supporting the local community through sustainable employment practices and partnerships with local suppliers and organisations.

Local – The hotel is the market leader in recruiting from the local community providing in-depth career training creating long-term sustainable local employment. Over 85% of all staff are from within a 20-mile radius of the hotel.

– Compliance:

The Swan Hotel adheres to all relevant environmental regulations and strives for continuous improvement in sustainability practices through ongoing staff training.


Our teams carry out regular maintenance checks on all the hotel buildings.

Waste Disposal

All hotel waste is disposed of in accordance with the relevant legislation:

The Environmental Protection Act 1990

The Controlled Waste Regulations 1991

The Special Waste Regulations 1996 (as amended)


The Swan Hotel is committed to being a leader in sustainable luxury hospitality. By implementing these initiatives, we aim to provide our guests with an exceptional experience that also respects and preserves our environment and supports the well-being of our local community. We will continue to innovate and collaborate towards achieving our sustainability goals, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Re-wilding and Woodland Conservation

At The Swan Hotel, sustainability extends beyond our operations to include the conservation and enhancement of our natural surroundings. We are proud to have rewilded our expansive 22-acre site, which includes 11 acres of pristine woodland that we own. Through careful stewardship and conservation efforts, we have nurtured these woodlands to preserve their biodiversity and natural beauty.