Top 10 reasons to holiday in the UK

Reasons to holiday in the UK…

During the pandemic, all we dreamed about was leaving the UK behind and hopping on a flight to our favourite luxury destinations. The thought of sand between our toes and cocktail-fuelled evenings were a dream that felt too far away to bear.

We soon slipped out of the pandemic and the prospect of travelling didn’t seem so impossible anymore. It was a welcome relief after months on end of staring at the same four walls and waving through windows to our loved ones.

This means that – for the first time ever– we’ve stopped looking beyond the shores of our home nation and started, instead, looking at what we can do just minutes from our doorsteps. The beaches we once visited daily aren’t just a dog walking destination anymore, but a relaxing destination to sunbathe and listen to the waves. The forests and hills no longer a drive-by piece of our landscape, but an excuse for adventure. We’ve taken these small details about where we live and realised, truly, how magical they are as home turned into holiday.

We’re now in a restriction-free world, where travel is (mostly) unlimited once again. We have seen what our local areas, and areas on other shores within the UK, can provide in terms of a relaxing break. So – why now are we longing for plane journeys, baggage allowances and far-away lands when we know just how precious our home really is? With so many reasons to stay put and holiday in the most stress-free way possible, why are we rushing to stand in airport queues?

We have rounded up the top 10 reasons to holiday in the UK! Let’s dive in…

1. Travel less and make every annual leave day count!

First things first, because this is something as Brits we seem to love to do – travel, whilst moaning about travelling! You know how it goes, so let’s scrap it altogether this summer!

Family holidays in the UK mean you can cut your travel time down to mere hours, not days. A trip to the airport, queues and endless delays (if you know, you really know!), a flight of x amount of hours and then travel on the other side to reach your destination. It can be a day, if not days, of travelling just to reach your holiday home. Having your family holidays in the UK means your annual leave is spent on the days that matter, on your holiday itself, rather than wasted on travel days!

2. Reconnect with nature and the great outdoors!

The British countryside is one of the most diverse in the world – and that’s no surprise! You can’t walk within 10ft within a forest without seeing a multitude of different plants and animals. With beautiful coastlines, lakes and mountains and fields for days, we’ve got it all! That means you can have action packed holidays on both land and water, take relaxing walks across Nature Trails or coasts, explore deep within our forests and caves, or simply feast your eyes on some stunning locations and take in a bloomin’ good view. After weeks on end of working in the office, and the past couple of years working from home too, it’s time to stop looking out of the window at the great outdoors and immerse ourselves in it instead! Fresh air, fresh mind!

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3. Bring your pets along

Because why should our pups stay at home?! They’re the little loves of our lives, so it’d be a shame to have to leave them for a week and put them into a kennel. No kennel fees, no time wasted without puppy cuddles – it’s a win-win! There are so many venues – hotels, private hire and otherwise – that cater to pets now, too, with the rise of family holidays in the UK (just like here at The Swan!) So pop them in the car and let them join in the fun!

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4. You can experience the same facilities as your favourite holiday destination

We tend to jet away on holiday for the luxury amenities – poolsspason-site restaurantsactivitiesIt’s nice to know you have a full and exciting holiday ahead when you make your initial booking. But WHY do we need to go abroad for this? There are an abundance of holiday sites and hotels within the UK that offer exactly this! At The Swan, we have a large family pool, a luxury spa, 3 x eateries and activities such as Paddleboarding and Wild Swimming!

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5. Skip the jet lag!

The worst thing about any long-haul journey – the jet lag! Having family holidays in the UK means signing off from work at 5 and hitting the road. You could be at your holiday destination within the evening, ready for a relaxing meal and bed before hitting the ground running the following day. No disturbed sleep, feeling like a zombie on the first few days of your holiday, mood swings and more – same time zone means no days wasted!

6. Help to get small, local and independent businesses back on their feet

Everyone is struggling after the pandemic, and this is something small and independent businesses have felt the most. Whilst some buckled completely, others are still grasping at ways to stay on their feet. Having family holidays in the UK means spending your money here, on the ever-important small and independent businesses that need your custom the most. They’re what diversify our high streets and channel creativity into the hands of the community – so it’s imperative we support them.

7. Scrap baggage allowance and restrictions to shop to your hearts content!

For many of us, going on holiday is a great excuse to bring back some treasures found on our travels. From home knick-knacks to new clothing, it’s nice to bring a piece of another culture home with you to help you remember the time you had. However, it all comes to a halt when you realise your suitcase is already brimming and your baggage allowance won’t welcome anymore goodies without a hefty fine attached!

One of the reasons to holiday in the UK is that you can shop to your hearts content without worrying about getting your goods home! You can buy food without wondering if you can pack it, liquids without checking it’s under 100ml and large goods without wondering if they will fit! You may just need to buy a roof rack for your car just in case!

8. Food glorious food!

There are lots of British staples when it comes to food. These staples have been taken and replicated around the world, too, because they’re just SO good! You can enjoy fresh fish and chips in the South-West and pie and mash in the South-East, or head up to the North-East for Newcastle Pudding and the North-West for Sticky Toffee Pudding and Kendal Mint Cake! Wherever you go, there’s a classic dish that represents the area and is bound to leave you patting your tummy and writing down recipes to take home!

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9. Our abundance of history to learn about, and culture to immerse ourselves in

You can’t deny it – the UK is incredibly rich in its history and culture and it is one of the many reasons to holiday in the UK! Visit Hadrian’s Wall, one of the largest and most famous historical sites in Europe, to learn a bit more about the northern border of the Roman Empire. Head to York to the Jorvik Viking Centre to learn all about how the Vikings lived. Explore the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and go fossil hunting.

Culturally, the UK is home to the largest festivals in the world – Glastonbury for music, Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the arts, Chelsea Flower Show for the beautiful blooms and Crufts for the best pooches our country has to offer! There’s so much to do and all are worth fitting your holiday around!

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10. Helping our planet by staying close by

Being in the UK, you’re never far from a lovely location. We’re only small, too, so you can start your day in the south and end it in the far North! So, why not cut your travel time and gas emissions down and holiday in as little as 30 minutes down the road! After the worrying heatwaves of the past few weeks, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on our individual energy outputs. The world needs us all to slow down and be more conscious… Don’t be like Taylor Swift – keep those air miles down!

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Have we convinced you to scrap the airport drama and have your family holidays in the UK this year? Then why not book your Lakes getaway today!