Wedding trends 2021

What the wedding industry will see after the 2020 crisis

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus crisis has shaken the wedding industry since lockdown and as 2020 is coming to an end, we are all looking forward to a year which will hopefully be bigger and better than ever before. With thousands of weddings having been rescheduled or cancelled and many couples completely rethinking original plans – next year should be one for the history books!

We are exploring some of the wedding trends that undeniably will be affected by this whirlwind of a year and we expect to see both personalised, intimate and scaled back weddings as well as mega, no-expense-spared celebrations where couples want to compensate for a prolonged and anxious wait – and more time to save the cash for it!

So, here are some of the biggest wedding trends for 2021.

Keeping it simple

Countless couples who originally had long guest lists and big ideas for the perfect celebration are now looking at bringing it back to the basics and create a much more intimate and informal day with the people that mean the most. Simple flower arrangements and outfits from high street brands will keep costs down for all those couples who have been affected financially by the pandemic. Retailers such as ASOS and H&M are offering beautiful wedding dresses at sensible prices and there are some gorgeous dresses out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

It’s all about the importance of a wedding day – to get married with your closest family members and have a day to treasure forever, not about the decor or photos and the guests you have invited because you felt you had to!

Going BIG or going home

The alternative to completely scaling it back is to go extra extra. So many weddings were disrupted by the pandemic and many brides and grooms have had to spend most of 2020 re-arranging their venue, guests, invites, photographer and everything else. It’s not exactly what you envisaged in planning your dream wedding as a little girl, so there is only one way to do it – MAKE IT COUNT.

Make your guest list longer and invite all those new friends you have made in neighbours whilst clapping on the street, spend more on favours and gifts for those close ones who have been there for you during this stressful time or family members you haven’t been allowed to spend time with. Get extra dolled up after having been stuck inside for months wearing nothing but joggers and oversized t-shirts with no make-up and don’t even get started about the lockdown hair. You deserve it!

Supporting British and keeping it local

With the nation in financial upset, many couples are intending to do their bit for the country in form of using British suppliers as opposed to ordering items such as wedding dresses, decor and stationery from large, overseas companies and we expect websites such as Notonthehighstreet and Etsy to see an influx of bespoke stationery and gifts orders.

As a Lake District wedding venue, we hope to see lots of local businesses being supported, with favours such as miniature Lakes Gin from Lakes Distillery, Grasmere Gingerbread and Kendal Mint Cake. Why not provide a refreshing Damson gin cocktail for your drinks reception and make sure you’ve got a delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding on your wedding breakfast menu!

Put those new DIY skills to the test

Many of us who have been stuck inside have taken up hobbies we probably wouldn’t have should we not have been forced to spend all day in the house or garden. Why not put these new crafty skills to practice by making your own favours, invites and table plans – crochet bunting, homemade candles as favours, personalised face coverings for the top table or go big with an impressive flower wall for guests to take their pictures in front of. There are endless things you can do to show that your time in lockdown has not been wasted!

Charity favours and wedding gifts

As a nation, we have shown so much gratitude to all those key workers in many different ways this year and we believe that having charitable wedding favours is one way to really show them the support they massively deserve. Many couples will also ask for donations to a selected trust or charity in place of wedding gifts.

Spending time outdoors

We can all agree that us Brits have a new-found love for the great outdoors – being stuck inside the house and only being able to go outside once a day drove lots of us a little stir-crazy and since then everyone seems to have a new passion for nature. We think a lot of people will now want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the country we live in – and what better place than to do it in the Lake District!

Here at The Swan Hotel, we have charming alfresco dining areas and with the rolling hills and River Leven right on our doorstep. You really couldn’t find a more picturesque and stunning place to celebrate the most important day of your life.

Going green

Sustainability is an ongoing trend in many industries but you may not have thought about what you can do to help the environment whilst planning a wedding. Keeping it local is, of course, one of the best and easiest way to plan a sustainable wedding but there are lots of other things you can do other than sourcing local food and drink.

More and more cake suppliers get the request to only use organic, fairtrade ingredients and to utilise local and seasonal fruits and brides are becoming more mindful of choosing a wedding gown from a supplier they trust have fair conditions for garment workers and who only source fabrics from ethical suppliers.

Biodegradable confetti is certainly the go-to option for those wedding snaps and you can even get biodegradable glitter – which in itself is becoming more and more popular to provide as an activity for your evening do.

Whatever you choose to make your wedding day extra special, we would love to hear about your plans and ideas! And we simply cannot wait for 2021 weddings to show what they’ve got!

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