Indoor Thermal Suite Spa & Vitality Pool

Step inside

Holte Spa’s Thermal Suite Spa

In every corner of the Holte Spa‘s Thermal Suite spa at The Swan, a world of sensory delight awaits.

Each and every element – the Finnish sauna, experience rainfall showers, 100% humidity steam room, hydrothermal vitality pool, and cosy loungers – is meticulously designed to guide you on a journey of rejuvenation, where stress and worries fade, and a profound sense of well-being takes center stage.

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Indoor finnish sauna

Embrace Tranquility

At the heart of the thermal suite lies the Finnish sauna, an oasis of timeless relaxation. Upon entering, the aromatic wood panels envelop you in their earthy embrace, while the gentle heat ushers you into a realm of tranquility. Here, in the dry warmth of the sauna, the cares of the world melt away, tensions dissipate, and a profound sense of clarity emerges.

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Tropical rainfall experience showers

Refreshing Revival

For a refreshing break, indulge in the experience rainfall showers. Choose from arctic cold or humid warmth, revitalizing your senses. The well-designed nozzles provide an invigorating sensation, washing away fatigue and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the tranquility that surrounds you.

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Steam Room

100% humidity, 100% heaven!

Step into the 100% humidity steam room and be transported to a misty sanctuary. The thick, humid air envelops you in a soothing embrace, opening your pores and promoting relaxation. The humid air opens up your pores, allowing for a deeper cleanse and helping to improve your skin’s complexion. This steam-induced relaxation extends beyond the physical, offering a peaceful mental escape that can aid in reducing stress and anxiety.

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Hydrothermal Vitality Pool

Muscle Relaxation and Joint Relief

The hydrothermal vitality pool in our thermal suite spa is a haven of warm, mineral-rich waters and hydrotherapy jets. The buoyancy of the water takes pressure off your joints, providing relief for sore muscles and easing tension. The hydrotherapy jets work like a skilled masseuse, targeting specific areas and kneading away knots and discomfort. The warmth of the water also encourages vasodilation, which enhances blood flow and helps your body recover from physical stress. Beyond its physical benefits, the pool’s tranquil environment and soothing embrace contribute to mental relaxation, helping you achieve a state of holistic well-being.

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Cosy relaxation areas

Reflection and Recharge

Above all else, the most important part of visiting any spa is the relaxation. That’s why we offer plenty of cosy corners to curl up in, whether you’re reading a book in solitude or making up for lost time with your nearest and dearest.

Sink back into one of our cosy loungers while the humid environment induces a state of deep relaxation.

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Embark on your wellness journey

Indulge in the timeless relaxation of our Finnish sauna, invigorate your senses with experience rainfall showers, find skin rejuvenation and respiratory relief in our 100% humidity steam room, experience muscle relaxation and joint relief in the hydrothermal vitality pool, and unwind on cosy loungers. Explore the holistic benefits of Holte Spa’s Thermal Suite spa and embark on a journey of wellness today.

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