Thermal Journey Circuits

Discover the healing powers of Holte Spa’s bathing circuits

Our hot and cold thermal journey are designed to expertly guide you through the ancient traditions of ritual bathing in nature to achieve maximum results, relieve stress, invigorate or calm.


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Slow and serene

Gentle Bathing Circuit

The slowest, and most calming, of our three thermal journeys, our gentle bathing circuit was designed with relaxation in mind, as an introduction to the healing powers of hot and cold therapy.

Begin your thermal journey with a heated session in the sauna or 100% humidity steam room, followed by a cool down in the spa garden. Finish off your circuit with some rest and relaxation in our thermal suite, or while dipping your toes in the vitality pool.

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Recharge and Revitalise

Refreshing Bathing Circuit

This powerful circuit involving a process of heat exposure, a cold shock, rest and repeat allows for improved blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, all while supporting cardiovascular health through the short peaks of adrenaline, and the release of happy hormones that follow.

The refreshing circuit is ideal for those willing to test the (cool) waters of cold shocks by using the arctic cold experience showers or ice cold drench buckets, before heading back into the heat to open pores and clear the skin.

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Invigorating and Energising

Intense Bathing Circuit

The Intense Bathing Circuit is designed exclusively for seasoned bathers seeking an extraordinary journey.

This invigorating circuit maximises on the hot and cold element, harnessing the intense heat of the sauna to its fullest potential, followed swiftly by cold immersion, whether this be under the drench bucket or a longer period of time in the arctic cold rainforest shower.

Expect brief intervals of relaxation throughout, culminating in an unparalleled sensation of exhilaration and euphoria.

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Whether it be to heal, invigorate, relax or restore, immerse yourself in our carefully crafted hot and cold bathing circuits and see, and feel, the results for yourself.

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