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Introducing OTO and the benefits of CBD

14 July 2021

As many of you will already be aware, our brand-new spa – The Holte Spa – opened at the start of this year. The spa focuses on sustainable, ethical spa practices with a concept and design inspired by the beautiful countryside, hills and water that surrounds the hotel. Since its opening, it has become a true escape for our guests – whether they’re here for a dip in the pool and a relax with some friends, or a full spa day with treatments galore!

With the new spa came collaborations in the form of spa partners joining this new and exciting journey with us. We’re incredibly lucky to be hosts to GROUND Wellbeing, Comfort Zone and OTO.

And OTO are who our focus is on today because…. WOW. We’re the only spa within The Lake District that offers OTO products, and one of only two venues in the North of the country as a whole! So, as it stands – we are offering you a unique experience within our spa, with a company whose products are sustainably sourced, naturally derived and both vegan and cruelty-free.

There’s a lot to learn about OTO and their range of products and treatments, so let’s dive in…

Who are OTO?

OTO – meaning ‘sound’ in Japanese - was founded by Gemma, an ex-fashion industry employee who struggled with anxiety. Her anxiety affected her sleep and general wellbeing until a friend recommended she try CBD. In the time between her discovering CBD and OTO being founded, she discovered CBD infused products that the market had to offer were ineffective. And so OTO was born.

“I wanted to design products that people would love using and would become part of their everyday lives in a meaningful way. And that’s why I decided to launch OTO, to help people discover the power of CBD.”
Gemma, Founder of OTO.

What is CBD?

Let’s set the record straight – CBD is not addictive, it won’t get you high, nor is it a sedative. Though it does come from the Cannabis plant, it is only one of the 104 compounds (known as cannabinoids) that exist within the plant. It doesn’t interact with the parts of your brain that cause euphoria or disorientation - the compound known for these effects is THC, an illegal compound, which is not present in any OTO product.

Fun fact: you can’t take ‘too much’ CBD as, like with other vitamins, your body just go ahead and naturally remove it!

What are the benefits of CBD:

CBD has many benefits, all in which encourage your body to achieve a natural balance – to relax, recharge and engage. Some benefits of CBD include:

Why we chose to partner with OTO:

Our decision came down to, primarily, one thing: we were in tune with their beliefs. OTO believe that treatments should break the mould a bit, and not be the same as the next. Their treatments are bespoke to you and your skin, and bodies, needs. Their focus is also on sustainable and organic ingredients within their products – something we found imperative to build a spa that is both kind to you as our guests, and our environment.

Our OTO Spa experiences


Our OTO spa experiences offer sensory, CBD infused massage experiences that combine massage oils with the use of sound therapy that work to deliver psychological and physical benefits. CBD has many therapeutic properties in massage; achieving muscular relaxation quickly, with the aim to balance homeostasis and ensure the body’s response to stress is well managed.

Our OTO Massages are based around achieving one of three areas for you: Focus, Balance and Amplify. The massage will be tailored to your needs, based on what you feel you are lacking and could need help bringing back within your own body:

Focus: Focus the mind - Designed to calm and refocus a busy mind. This full-body massage uses CBD oil infused with Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense, which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. These products will be combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the harmonising qualities of an Aventurine crystal to help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve concentration.

Balance: Pause and rebalance - Designed to be deeply restorative and help with sleep. This full-body massage uses CBD oil, infused with Jasmine, Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile, to calm the nervous system resulting in deep relaxation. These products will be combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and Rose Quartz crystal, used for its deep inner healing properties, for a powerful balancing and restoring experience.

Amplify: Release the tension - Designed to ease tension and unravel tightness in tired muscles. This full body treatment uses CBD oil infused with Bitter Orange, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry, coupled with a handcrafted bamboo roller to rejuvenate deeper levels of the muscle. These products will be combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the placement of a Red Jasper crystal, renowned for its strong grounding properties, for a profoundly regenerative experience.


CBD oil has many skin benefits. It supports the healthy rejuvenation of your skin by reacting with receptors to help balance and control oil production on the skin, which leads to fewer impurities like pimples, spots and blackheads. It is also a naturally nourishing oil, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft after use, as well as being an antioxidant to protect you from daily damage.

So… what will your next OTO experience be?

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